The Florida Department of Children and Families, in collaboration with the Department of Education’s Division of Early Learning, aimed to address the crucial issue of facilitating easy access to high-quality childcare for Florida parents. Their objective was to create a user-centric tool grounded in authentic feedback, streamlining the process of navigating the complex landscape of childcare options with a focus on quality and safety. In response to this challenge, the Florida Families Mobile App was developed as a solution, informed by user feedback, and tailored to parents’ concerns. The app guides families through various childcare decisions, allowing parents to filter and find top-rated after-school care facilities, read reviews, and schedule visits directly through the app.

Additionally, the app includes a dedicated section for special-needs childcare providers, listing certified centers with specialized training details. For new parents, sections are dedicated to infant care, providing insights into best practices, licensed newborn care facilities, and educational content on early child development. This initiative reflects a broader trend among organizations seeking to integrate user insights and genuine concern to create tools that effectively meet the needs of their communities.