You know what an app is. You see several of them every day. They’re in your pocket, on your phone. Google Maps gets you around, Facebook helps you keep in touch with your friends and Candy Crush is your guilty pleasure. Clash of Clans is sponsoring the NBA Finals. But did you know that there are two different types of apps? Native and web apps; they may seem very similar but these two types of apps provide very different experiences for you and your users.

It’s safe to bet you interact with native apps on a regular basis. Native apps are designed for a specific device and need to be downloaded directly to the device. They tap into a device’s native functionality allowing for more a more interactive experience for your client. For example, native apps will allow your users to access their device’s camera, receive push notes or share their location through the app. Native apps are also great as they’re right there on the home screen, easily accessible to the app user.

Web apps are apps that are accessed through the browser on a mobile device. This makes it a great option if your client base includes a good deal of Blackberries and Windows phones as well as Androids and iPhones. While web apps allow you to reach a wider audience, their functionality can be limited, as they do not have the same abilities as a native app.

We definitely recommend providing a native app for your clients. This rich experience will make sure your app is one of their go-tos on their home screen.